How You Can Help

Veterans Helping Veterans USA, Inc. has a wide range of needs to help provide services to our veteran community. If you have any interest in helping please fill out the volunteer form so we can get in touch to see how you can best help us with our programs.

Here are some ways you can help:

1.Making a tax deductible donation to Veterans Helping Veterans will help keep our service to veterans in place.

2.Shop on Amazon Smile using your standard amazon account via Select Veterans Helping Veterans USA, Inc. as your agency of choice.

3.Volunteer your services, if you have reliable transportation and have certain skilled trades, i.e. carpenter – electrician – plumber. You could be someone who is presently licensed or a retired former contractor in these fields. We need your help with home repairs for needy veterans or their families when the vet is on a deployment.

4.If you are a licensed professional i.e. medical doctor – dentist - chiropractor – mental health consultant – psychologist – psychiatry or other licensed healthcare professional or attorney,  we can provide referrals of veterans who cannot afford these services.

5.You can volunteer in many different ways by filling out the volunteer form below; we will contact you to establish your volunteer interests.

6.You can become a mentor to a veteran in the "Marion County Veteran’s Treatment Court" program. Contact our office or fill out the volunteer form below.


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