Obtained by Ann Parker, Case Manager, 24 April 2019.

 Mr Pitts requested to tell his story verbally and have our staff write as his physical limitations would make it difficult to do independently.

Wiley Pitts

US Army Veteran

  • "...Veterans Helping Veterans took good care of me. I think more people should use this organization because they definitely do the job."

  • "They helped me when I got behind on my rent and my electricity. If they didn't help me, I would have been in the street."

  • "I appreciate my case manager for all of her help and I appreciate Vets Helping Vets very  much."


Mc Clung Rickey Testimonial Submission July 2019


McClung, Rickey

US Army, March 1971-March 1973


Was referred to Veterans Helping Veterans USA by an employee of the Salvation Army. HE is now a member of our custodial and reception team.

Received assistance with food, utility bills, and medical/dental services at reduced cost.

“Vets Helping Vets is a team of people that help vets and their families in their time of need. Without this help some of us could have given up.”


Additional Information


Crump, Craig

US Army

Aug 1979-March 1992


     Was referred to Veterans Helping Veterans USA by a fellow veteran in 2010. He is now working in our case management department.

     Type of assistance received: food, gas cards, financial assistance, and counseling.

Vets Helping Vets…“has been a great help to me and my quality of life as a struggling, honorably discharged veteran”.

    …”supported all of my efforts to become self-sufficient”

     “I would have been homeless, in the streets strung out on alcohol and/or drugs, probably dead in the gutter.”

     “They are a very important part of my life here in Ocala, FL from the start. People to talk to. Help with any need. Encouraging when on the right track. Just wonderful resource for veterans who are willing to help themselves; just need a helping hand to do it.”


Mirabal, Rafael Testimonial Submission July 2019


Mirabal, Rafael

US Army, 1975-1977


Was referred to Veterans Helping Veterans USA by the veteran service officer helping him apply for benefits. He is now a member of our case management team.

Vets Helping Vets assisted with food and job placement to supplement Social Security.

Rafael was displaced when Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico on September 20th, 2017


Lemon, Preston Testimonial Submission July 2019


Lemon, Preston

US Army, Sept 1979-Sept 1984


Referred to Veterans Helping Veterans USA by the Volunteers of America staff.

Received assistance with food pantry and financial assistance with utility bill.

“I would be hungry and would have been in the dark.”


Mclemore, Peachrich

Mclemore, Peachrich

US Army

Feb 1994-August 2002


Heard about Veterans Helping Veterans on the internet.

The family lost everything in a fire. VHV gave them food, furniture, clothing, bedding, and toiletries. Their two boys received a bed so they wouldn’t have to sleep on the floor.

“Most importantly, they gave us love and kindness. Hope and faith that everything will get better. Compassion and understanding.”

“Thank you so very much for reassuring our family that there are still people that care about us veterans and our families. Great Job.”

Help those who made our present possible and our future more promising. 

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